NEW! ThreadLift Training
2 Day Course

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Mesotherapy in Aesthetic
Cosmetology (5 days)

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Mesotherapy in Aesthetic
Cosmetology (Master Class 2day)

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A Diploma granted upon successful completion.

Training is provided at
Zolo Aesthetics
Toronto, Ontario.

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Canadian School of Mesotherapy was started at Zina’s Health Center Inc. in 2003 and accredited by Canadian Mesotherapy Association. Zina’s Health Center is one of the perfect complex which uses the latest methods for facial and body care and offers treatment for problematic areas with non-surgical correction The course of Mesotherapy provides the knowledge and practical skills in this field and can be used by specialists in alternative and aesthetic medicine.

Thread Lifting is a relatively new non-surgical lift treatment and is becoming increasingly more popular. It is perfect for skin tightening, volume boost, and facial contouring. Canadian Mesotherapy Association offers training in threadlift for skin rejuvenation, as well as a class in advanced techniques for facial contouring.

SKIN REJUVENATION CLASS demonstrates how to tighten skin, increase volume, and achieve skin glow with the help of different types/designs of PDO threads. The training includes all areas of the face, exploring vectors for upper, mid, and lower face, and neck area.

MASTER CLASS in mesothreadlift is all about techniques associated with the V shape face lift. Although it covers a basic overview of various types of PDO threads, the learning material focuses mainly on how to contour the mid/lower face. This class’ topics include anatomical structures and vectors, pre/post treatment care, facial contouring procedure, combination thread lift, as well as relationship with other cosmetic treatments.

For more information and tuition fees, please feel free to contact via contact@mesocanada.com


Only candidates with medical background can apply for Mesotherapy Courses at Canadian School of Mesotherapy.
You must provide your Doctoral Degree or Bachelor’s Degree (registered nurse).
If you would like to register for the course please fill out the application and send it back to us for review.

Canadian School of Mesotherapy Application Form OPEN

Mesotherapy Training TorontoMesotherapy Training Toronto

For graduates from Canadian School of Mesotherapy only.
If you would like to become a member of Canadian Mesotherapy Association and receive an additional diploma of Doctor of Mesotherapy (DM) (Doctoral Degree) or Mesotherapy Practitioner (MP) (Bachelor’s degree) please fill out the application form and send it back to us for review. Application Form OPEN

We are in process of organizing our profession. Arrangement has been made with the Canadian Board of Health Care Practitioners Inc. for unifying designation to be used by all who join us. The Canadian Examining Board of Health Care Practitioners has negotiated malpractice insurance for all the doctors who are registered with the Canadian Board of Health Care Practitioners Inc. through us. For registration you have to have diploma of Canadian School of Mesotherapy and be an active member of Canadian Mesotherapy Association.

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